I should address the fact that it is Autumn. I have spent more Autumns outside of the country in which I was born than inside of it. Autumn is the season of my date of birth. Autumn has always been filled to the brim with joy and sorrow. Autumn is here and I'm dreading the sorrow that will undoubtedly come. Last year I spent Autumn basking in Spring, and that did not succeed in keeping sorrow at bay.

Lord, protect me.


knot gifted said...

hey there,

my name is robin. i'm a student of animation at new mexico state university.

i've really enjoyed your writing and stories and i was curious if i could make an animation out of one of your stories from your 'Untitled' blog.

my e-mail address is deguzman(at)nmsu(dawt)edu



Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for the shitty autumns i gave you.

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