• Made it to the final four of the WAL interviews. That's good.

  • Went to a bachelor party in indi on saturday. That was off the hook. I cut someone's shoe in half.

  • I'll have my university bill paid in 24 hours. That will allow me to register for classes.

  • I bought a truck for $200 last week. It will be good for parts or as a project vehicle.

  • I've had some real and honest conversation with Allison. That has allowed me to feel safer and more secure.

  • I went to a strip club for the first time. Wow. Just wow.


John 8:32


Tomorrow is a day of action. Today was a day of rest.


so many irons in the fire... I barely know where to put my hopes. : )


Just a Taste

Oh, Howzit? I went up to Chicago for Fourth of July and/or Taste of Chicago and/or to visit Mike and Sara and/or to sight see Chi-Town. It was lots and lots of fun. Allison and I took the train up and Mike brought us to his new apartment via the L. [I like to call it el L; no one else likes this.] Their apartment is very nice. It has much character and lots of angles.

On the 4th it rained so we went to the Taste. Turns out the rain was a good thing as it kept the crowds and heat away. The food was quite good, if expensive. That night we attended a party held by M&S's landlord/downstairs neighbor. It really a lot of fun. I met new people and even met a former Peace Corps participant who lived in Moldova for 2 years! She was there 04 to 06, while I was there during the 97-98 school year. O! The Stories!

The 5th was M&S's last day to move out of storage, so they did that while Allison and I explored the City. It was fun to just walk around, talk, gawk, and see. We thought about doing the Sear's Tower, what with the new glass thingy, but lines were too long. Besides, we thought, it will still be there next time. Instead we toured Millennium Park and Navy Pier. All of the walking took its toll and we packed it in around 1830/1900. Seven or eight hours of walking, however. The day winded down with pizza from... some place I can't remember right now. [it was good... very good... like, I-want-some-right-now good...] Along with the pizza was Role Models and Knocked Up. Role Models was very funny, very good. Knocked Up was... eh. Personal issues aside, it was too jumpy plot-wise. It was also not funny enough to cover up the jumpiness and not sappy enough to explain the lack of humor.

We came home on the 6th, via Amtrak. There were no seats together, but there were four terribly behaved children with parents who slept rather than modified the behavior of their children. Oh well.

Work last night was the first with pigtails. ugh. I'll put up a picture later for those who have no idea what I'm talking about.

This weekend was very good. Allison and I talked a lot about our relationship, its future, our individual futures, our hopes, dreams, expectations.... all that crap. We both came away feeling better, I think... at least, I feel better. : )